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Turn Stratego into a strategy game with Jumbastic RemainVisible.

One download consists of three RemainVisible tools.
Tool one and tool two can be used together, like in this demonstration video:

1.) RVsite can be used only on and requires a firefox browser.
You can create labels with drag-and-drop functionality fast and easy.
Now you can move them along with revealed pieces.
(Note:When you start dragging a label the gameapplication disappears and the canvas turns white. As soon as you drop the label the gameapplication reappears.)
Here is a screenshot of this power application in action:

With RemainVisible_ff for firefox you can write text to the website at your cursor position. But you cannot clear it. You can just overwrite it. Use ‘B’ to mark bombs, ’0′ for Marshal and ’9′ for General and so forth. Use ‘X’ to overwrite past positions.
Press ctrl to disable this application when you want to chat with your opponent and again ctrl to enable it when the game goes on.
(Don’t chat when this tool is enabled. In rare cases this could cause an error which clears the whole website. Always disable this tool before you start to use your keybord for something else than marking the website.)
The text disables drag and drop functionality on the space where it is written. This is why you should always leave some space unwritten on every gamefield. When you have to write to one field several times just overwrite the same textspace with a new color.
To change the color place the cursor out of the gamefield and press:
a for aqua
g for green
m for blue (marine)
n for black (noir)
p for pink
r for red
y for yellow

Requirement: free firefox add-on greasemonkey

RemainVisible enables you to write text to a transparent layer over the gamefield at your cursorposition. You can also clear the text when the gamepiece moved to the next field.
On MouseWheeldown the application minimizes and you can move your figures. Press Ctrl y on your keybord to maximize the application.
Mark the border of the gamefield at the beginning of the game.
This way you realize when your browser or gameapplication changed the position on your screen. Then you can adjust your gameapplication according to the initial marking . Always try to keep the gameapplication in the same position on your screen. This ensures that the transparent layer gives you the right information.

Requirement: free software autohotkey

Get all three tools with one download and decide for yourself which one works better for you.